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Hello everyone!

It's been a long while since I last posted a journal here. Deviantart became somewhat "quiet" lately and I made it even quieter by not visiting here like old times. 
Anyway, here I am now! Writing a journal and even posted a bunch of new deviations :) 
I am mostly using facebook to share my paintings these days. Some of you know my art page, but for those of you who don't, here's the link:

Again, some of you might now, there's an uprising going on in my country, Turkey. I've been painting about this demonstrations kind of supporting the uprising through my paintings. I've posted two of them here: and I wrote some information about this uprising in the explanation part of these paintings, you can read them there. For more info visit this wikipedia article:…

The above mentioned paintings of mine are also selected for an exhibition in Kadıköy, İstanbul. It's called  "Aesthetics of Resistance", a voluntary exhibition organised to support the resistance. This is my first time being in an exhibition and it's even better since it's for a good cause :)

More news, my web site is launched: ;
It's great to finally have it. It makes you look more professional :) and gives people a more organised way of seeing my works. I want to thank my friend İdris for preparing it for me. 

Still more news, I started working on a comic book project as an illustrator. The project is called #direçizgiroman, which  is a project like "occupy comics" project:…
Again it's mostly based on the uprising. 

So, that's all! I hope you are all happy and healthy :D


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Hi my friends!

I've uploaded a video of my painting process on youtube:…

It features the painting process of my new painting "Joker" Joker by ArtofOkan

Update: Here's another time-lapse video of another painting of mine: this time for Barney by ArtofOkan

I hope you like it :)

And I'd be happy if you follow my facebook page:
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Hello my dear friends!

How are you all? It's been a while since my last journal and I wanted to give you an update. So, some news:

- I've got a great offer to illustrate a 5 book series for children and accepted it :) I'm doing interior illustrations and cover paintings for all 5 books and it's really fun :D I can't share the pictures yet, since it's not published and I could't finish the first book yet, but I'll show them once I'm allowed. I'm doing all the work in my own style, I mean painterly style, not the usual cell-shaded style of the children's books. It's not easy, let me tell you. I'm working as an engineer by day, and as an illustrator by night. Kind of living two lives at the same time :) Can't get enough sleep, tired most of the time, but happy always :) I'm getting some new offers for book covers and don't know if I can find time to paint them, but I will, somehow...

-I won a contest hosted by kirilee with my latest painting: Red by ArtofOkan and got great prizes! I somehow managed to put together an entry with all the other stuff I'm working on and won the contest! It was a really great surprise and I am really happy :D Huge thanks to :iconkirilee: for this awesome contest and choosing me as a winner :dance:

-My badass warrior portrait series will continue, if you were following them: Old Warrior by ArtofOkan Veteran by ArtofOkan
I don't have much time to paint another one now, but once thefirst book is finished, I'll try to paint another one :)

So, that's all for now, hoping to hear from you, and my new watchers; nice to meet you all :)

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Friendly Features!

Tue Aug 7, 2012, 10:55 AM
Hello my dear friends!
I wrote many things here, but something happened and suddenly I was looking at a blank page.. Damn!
Well, I won't write it all again, so cutting it short..
Some news; I finally got good responses to my job applications. I'll be working as an engineer and will probably have to leave my hometown. So I won't be painting as much.
My daily deviation didn't suddenly make me a popular painter. DD's are exaggerated... It didn't affect much in fact. I still don't get many views on my deviations or on my page. Maybe because of the variety of my paintings, I don't know. Maybe it's better if I stick to one type only. I'm painting portraits, landscapes, illustrations, fantasy paintings, creatures, fanart... Both digital and traditional... But not getting anywhere still. Well, I realised that I won't be a pro artist, won't be earning my life with it. At least I have got an engineering diploma :) It would be super awesome to become a pro artist, but... I'm not fit to it, it seems. Still, this won't stop me from painting to my liking, I'll still be painting whatever I like, taking commissions, doing collab works, art trades and such.
What was the point of this journal? oh, yes, facebook and tumblr.. So follow me there, if you want to :)
See you! and take care!
Here are the links:
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Wow! It's so awesome :D I still can't believe it. I wasn't expecting getting a DD, and now that I got one, I must tell you it feels really good :D Getting hundreds of messages, getting to know new people... Awesome! :dance:
This came just at the right time, it really cheered me up, everything was going really bad.. But this made me forget them all, at least for a little while and I am soo happy now!

Huge thanks to Amberrant for suggesting my Rango painting… TheCreativeJenn for featuring it. :ahoy:
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Helloo everyone!
Well, I started looking for jobs and hope to find one soon. While doing that, I wanted to get some money with commissions. I don't have high expectations.. I know I'm not that popular yet, I don't have many watchers or zillions of faves on my paintings but still... An artist should always hope for better, right? :) If you are interested in any way to commission me, please be my guest and check this journal:…
You'll see the prices there. It's an old journal entry, but my premium membership is over so I can not make another journal entry like that anymore and that old journal suffices for now.
Oh, and if you think you can and you want to help me, it would be great if you mention this to your friends via a journal or news article.
Take care, my friends! Have a good weekend :ahoy:
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Yeah! I am back! :D I am a free man again! No army, no uniforms, no stupid military rules! :dance::boogie::dance:
I am sooo happy now! It's really good to be back!
So, what happened in your life while I was away? Everything ok? Tell me about yourselves, my old and new friends :) It's really good to see many new watchers and many news favs, comments! Thanks you all!

I'll paint some nice pics soon! I'll clean all the dust from my brushes and my tablet and start again!

My premium membership has ended while I was away... A new one would be good. So here's an offer, give me 1 year membership and I'll paint a full color portrait for you. A head-shot of any character, real person, cartoon, anime or comics character... you name it!

It's really good to be back! Wishing to to hear from you soon! :D
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Helloo everyone!
It's been quite a while since I last came here:) Sorry for the lack of activity.
Good news is, I'll be back soon :D Just 1 month left! I didn't have any internet connection while I am in the army so I couldn't reply anything or check your posts. I will be a free man again... Just waiting for 24th of january.   

I'm doing fine... doing military service is really bad and boring. At least I get to draw pictures there. Mostly portraits and all pencil drawings.

Oh how I miss being a free man.. Freedom is invaluable! I miss many many things... It will take a loong time if I start listing them here and you'll get bored :) I don't have much time left on the net, unfortunately.
I hope you are all good and happy. I hope things are going good for you.
Missed you all!

Take care my dear friends! See you all soon! :hug:
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Good Bye!!!

Wed Jul 20, 2011, 8:04 AM

Hi everyone!
I will not be available between 12th August 2011 and 17th January 2012. I'll be doing my mandatory military service. I won't be uploading any paintings between 12th of August and 17th January, but I may be able to reply your comments and check your posts when I can go to an internet cafe on weekends. You won't be hearing from me for a long while, probably. I'll miss you all! Take care of yourselves and may you always smile:)
If you have any urgent questions to me or you want to know how I am doing while I'm away, you can ask my sweet girlfriend Özgül akamelya :iconakamelya: and she'll keep you updated.
Since I've got a little time on my premium membership, I decided to do some features to help my friends.
Now some friendly features!

me by akamelya    Headshots - Balrog by marvelleftw  :thumb243435173:   Sky on Fire by elero

Unforgettable Promises by sesam-is-open    Piratas by ArtbyGloriaColom   escape by cangelir   Vanity Fair by Canankk

Moirae by mari-na   Key of the Squirrel Kingdom by Momotte2  :thumb216786721:  :thumb200213790:

Candy Doll by Nataly1st   Don't look back_COLORED_UPDATE by JoshawaFrost   Valkyrie by LeeAnneKortus   With a Little Spark by izzmarit

:thumb211297271:   DeliGucuk3 by aycancik   I Am Half Angel And Half Devil by xXNightRose14Xx  

Mature Content

:thumb220175000:   Mother Canada by Ty-DyQween   stranded by Lou-in-Canada   los buenos tiempos by ozgurdenizistanbul

Heart of the Unicorn by anjyil   Bridge by Old-Dwarf  :thumb195673149:   wait me never by umayumay

Cold Blues by PassionatePurple   viking by delida   tracy by angelameds

Wow! It was really hard to choose! :)
I hope you like them and give them some love:D

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Thu Apr 28, 2011, 2:28 PM

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I last wrote a journal here. How is everyone? I hope everything is fine.  Since I am an unemployed engineer, sitting at home with all the time in world, I am endlessly drawing and painting. Acrylic painting is much more fun than the digital I must admit. However, it costs much more:) I made good practices and studies and I feel more confident with backgrounds and characters. I am now able to draw without a direct reference, which is a good step. Also my backgrounds and colors seem much better to me. I started drawing more detailed fantasy scenes, even with dragons in them:D I always wanted to draw dragons, and planning to do much more in the near feature. I started entering some contests again and they are always good challenges for me to improve myself.
Now, the commissions... I started getting some commissions from the people around me, some acrylic landscape paintings and portraits. I know I don't have that many watchers here, and not hoping to get many commissions here, if any.. However, if you think I am good enough to be commissioned and you want a piece from me, I will do my best for you. Now the details:

These prices are for digital paintings. If you want an original acrylics painting from me, it will cost you much more.

Portraits (heat shot, bust) (real people or fantasy characters): 40$
Lily by ArtofOkan   Seen enough by ArtofOkan Dragon of no particular color by ArtofOkan

Waist up with hands (simple background): 50$
Sub-Zero by ArtofOkan Katy and Kitty by ArtofOkan Tony Kakko by ArtofOkan

Full body with one character and simple background: 70$
Madonna in Labour by ArtofOkan Drunken Dwarf by ArtofOkan Alone by ArtofOkan

Full body with one character and detailed background: 90$
My Friend from Gryffindor by ArtofOkan Whitebeard by ArtofOkan

Full body with 2 or more characters and detailed background: 120$ (Price can go up if characters are more than one)
Against a Legend by ArtofOkan Conan the Barbarian by ArtofOkan Brave Kid by ArtofOkan

Payment via Paypal

It was hard to come up with these prizes.. I checked commission prizes of many people and lowered the average values they set by 20-30 $, since I am not as experienced an artist as them.
Note me if you are interested:)

Take care! See you!

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Wed Jan 19, 2011, 2:03 PM

I got tagged by my friend :iconjoshawafrost:!! I've never done this thing before, so I will give this one a try. I'm not going to play the game with its rules though,  sorry about that...hehe:) I'll just write down ten things about me and won't tag anyone. If you, my friends, feel like doing this kind of a thing, be my guest and tell us ten things about yourself. The original rules are:

* Must include the rules in the tag

* Each tagged individual must mention 10 things about themselves in a journal

* Tag 10 different people

* Go to their profiles and let them know

* You can't return the tag

So here are the ten things about me;

1. I was born on August 2, 1979; so seeing how young the general people are here on dA, I'm somewhat ancient.
2. I am a revolutionary Marxist, who joined and organized many demonstrations and protests against the capitalist system and all its tools of exploitation.
3. I was a student in both mechanical engineering and metallurgical and materials engineering departments in a technical university and graduated from metallurgical and materials engineering last summer.
4. I like reading books. I read 5-10 books a month.
5. I'm currently unemployed.
6. I joined dA 3 years ago to follow my cousin. But started painting on February 2010 and my first upload here was on March. I used to draw a lot when I was a child though.
7. I like watching movies, animes, tv series, football games, NBA... I have a huge archive with over 3500 movies, hundreds of tv series and animes, documentaries, comic books, mangas, fantasy novels... If I start listing my favorites now they will make a huge list :)
8. I'm learning painting mostly by looking at masters' works. How they use colors and brush strokes, create a good composition, things like that. So I can say that my teachers on painting are; Frank Frazetta, Albert Bierstadt, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and other masters of the trade.
9. Other than painting, I like writing. I wrote some short stories in the past and last year I started writing a fantasy novel. I can't work on it these days though. I am more focused on painting.
10. I hope to become a painter who can draw and paint his dreams and make other people dream and dance with his colors.

So, that's enough, I guess:) It wasn't that hard! Sorry I kind of cheated and didn't play by the rules:)
Take care, everyone.


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Friendly Features 4!!

Sat Nov 6, 2010, 5:37 AM
Hello my dear friends!! It's been a while since I last featured your beautiful works:D Sorry about that, really!

First, some news from me... Well, I'm still looking for a job on metallurgical and materials engineering. There are a lot of places looking for an engineer like me, but the problem is they want their employees to have their compulsory military service done... And I haven't done it yet. I have to go and do it it seems... At least 6 months of military service.. no paintings or drawings, no social life... .just army barracks, army duties, crying out "yes sir!" hundreds of times a day... Sucks... I postponed it for 2 years, but i might cancel that postponement if I don't get a job any time soon:) Other than that, I am practicing my painting, playing Fallout New Vegas, watching tv series and movies seeing friends; trying to have fun :)

In this feature, I've chosen the pieces I like the most in my friends' galleries. One piece from each, and one from my own gallery:) My favorite painting "Brave Kid" which is also my most faved one 127 faves so far. Well, not much compared to most of your works, but I can't get much views although I submitted it to nearly 30 groups. I don't have that many watchers and I'm not that known:) Well, it doesn't seem to change any time soon, but I'm content with what I get. I finally got over 6000 pageviews, I know it's not that much, but it's ok for me:)

So here comes my selections, I hope you like them as I do! My favorites from my friends' galleries, starting with my "Brave kid"!! With the latest journal skin of my dear friend Lena (:iconelero:)

Brave Kid by ArtofOkan

For Chris by elero Headshots - Mikey by marvelleftw :thumb178503788: Bullfinches by svet-svet

me by akamelya red by banu77 Leda and the Swan by mari-na Foursome by cangelir

Guardian of the Crystal by anjyil Fantasia... y solo eso by ArtbyGloriaColom :thumb179122788:

Mature Content

And I think to myself by Canankk

Margarita by lilok-lilok :thumb183979541: Almost a Painting by sesam-is-open Warm fur under the sun by Momotte2

Mountain 199 - flowers field 1 by Momotte2stocks :thumb170993421: :thumb180949143:

Have a nice weekend everyone!! :hug:

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I've got 1st prize in a contest!!

Sun Oct 3, 2010, 1:46 PM

Hello my dear friends!! :D
As you may know, I entered a few contests last month. In one of these 3 contests, I got the first place in painting/traditional category:) It was a really nice surprise for me. I'll get 3 months of subscription, 250 DA points, some exclusive stock packs and a drawing commission:) Wonderful news, eh? :D Here's my dear mermaid which won me a contest:

Mature Content

Mermaid by ArtofOkan

I'm really happy now!
I'm currently painting some more portraits; I got a commission to finish and some promises to keep:D In the mean time, I'll continue to enter contests, work harder to get better at painting, and check the beauties you upload! Oh, and there's a special art battle going on between me and my dear friend :iconmarvelleftw:! We'll both draw a battle scene based on hyborian age and races created by Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan. No matter who wins, it's a great battle and I'm working hard on my piece:D
There's one more contest I entered, results aren't announced yet. I hope I can get a place in that contest too. I liked this feeling, and want to experience it more:D Here's my painting in the contest and whether I win it too or not, I like this piece:)
Vulture Khan by ArtofOkan

Lastly, my dear friends, if you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a note:)
Take care, everyone!! :hug:


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Ahoy gang! :wave:
I am pleased to announce that me and my big pal :iconmarvelleftw: have both ran into some free time and hence are able and willing to get busy for you, the faithful friends and watchers! :ahoy:

What's basically happening is me and Marv are teaming up to bring you the best of both worlds - lines and rendering. :iconmarvelleftw: shall be supplying the linework and I shall be feeding them some colors by the spoon! ;)

We won't spare our time and talent you can rest assured - in fact if you're watching either of us for a while now you've noticed we're hard workers with a fetish for details.

We are offering a vast array of services, including full body characters, waist up, bust and headshots from original characters, family and relatives, caricatures, various fanart, storyboards, panels, multiple characters, character design, elaborate backgrounds and scenery etc. You can also opt out to receive just Marv's lineart or my coloring to a lineart supplied by you!

Below are previews of how commissions would look:

The Incredible Hulk by ArtofOkan Drizzt Do'Urden Collab by marvelleftw Origin of Nightmare by ArtofOkan Drizzt Do'Urden lines by marvelleftw

You're more than welcome to go through both our galleries should you need a better idea of what me and him can muster individually.

If you're interested in a commission or have specific question about how this all will work, please note anyone of us.
Thank you in advance!! :bow:

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Friendly Features 3!

Thu Jul 29, 2010, 5:04 PM

Hello my dear friends:D
I finally noticed that my journal is sadly outdated. So here I am making a new one and sharing it with my friends:) Contents of this journal will again be your works. However, I'll make it narrower this time. Last one was too crowded. Also, my dear friend Lena made a new journal skin and I wanted to use it with a new journal!!
I've finally graduated from Metallurgical and Materials engineering!! Yay!! :dance::boogie::dance: It took me somewhat long (13 years:P) to graduate from the university. 8 years of my lovely 13 years passed in Mechanical engineering department, which I finally quit, 5 years of it passed in the department I've graduated from. So, now that I'm an engineer, I'll apply to some jobs :) I hope I won't miss my days of being a student...
In case you are interested, I'm currently entering some art contests. The last one I entered was Zen Master Universe contest, or something like that and I didn't get anything from it :P We'll enter 2 contests together with my buddy marvelleftw!! He'll do the lines, I'll do the painting. We are combining our forces! You'll see our entries in due time.
I'm currently painting this linework of Marv's: Drizzt Do'Urden lines by marvelleftw
I'll finish and submit it soon:)
So here comes the eagerly waited features!!

From Marv (Martin):iconmarvelleftw:
Cimmerian Speedpaint by marvelleftw Headshots - Mikey by marvelleftw Downside Up by marvelleftw Don't make me go Jedi. by marvelleftw MTG - Deadshot Minotaur by marvelleftw

From Lena :iconelero:
Purple by elero Sunset by elero Down Under Bee by elero Standing Taller by elero Fishing by elero

From Sveta :icongreenmelissa:
:thumb158534915: :thumb160894501: :thumb160894290: :thumb170064010: :thumb169769325:

From Rana :iconal3xandraa:
:thumb170243707: :thumb170242246: A colorful smile by Al3Xandraa 300 by Al3Xandraa Romantic table by Al3Xandraa

From Lana :iconsvet-svet: (She's got a DD with the first one, Yay!! :D)
Night's Waltz by svet-svet Revival by svet-svet Pandora by svet-svet Dragon by svet-svet Dolly by svet-svet

From :iconmomotte2: and :iconmomotte2stocks:
Mountain 179 - snow on mountains by Momotte2stocks :thumb172563167: Babies Swallows in nest by Momotte2 Bonny under the warm sun by Momotte2 Wild animals 177 - sweet deers by Momotte2stocks

From Marina :iconmari-na:
Dryad by mari-na :thumb171377220: :thumb168575134: :thumb165417570: :thumb163276955:

From Gloria :iconartbygloriacolom:
Dragon Tile Re-Post by ArtbyGloriaColom Fantasia... y solo eso by ArtbyGloriaColom China Trip 02: Wuzhen by ArtbyGloriaColom China Trip 01: Pingyao by ArtbyGloriaColom Jumping by ArtbyGloriaColom

From Can :iconcangelir:
Foursome by cangelir Life goes on by cangelir Old age and handcart by cangelir Man and dog by cangelir Vertical by cangelir

So, that's it for now:) I hope you like it!

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Friendly Features!

Sat Jun 26, 2010, 8:57 AM

Hi everyone! I decided to do a new featuring in my journal! You keep posting new beauties and I keep getting new friends so an update was needed :D I hope you all like these beautiful works and add them to your favorites! I'm glad to know all of you :hug:
Below is my selection of beauties from my friends' galleries; you'll find works of:

:iconelero: :icongreenmelissa: :iconmarvelleftw: :iconsvet-svet: :iconcangelir: :iconmomotte2: :iconmomotte2stocks: :iconanjyil: :iconangelameds: :iconmari-na: :iconmafinha: :iconhappy-maria: :iconsesam-is-open: :iconal3xandraa: :icontoniart57: :iconcano656: :iconlou-in-canada:

I couldn't add all their galleries, so go there and check for yourself :D  

Spidey Sewin' It Up by marvelleftw Green Lantern Corps - NEW GUY by marvelleftw DJ Shwann Universe by marvelleftw Indigo Children  cover by marvelleftw
Hordaine Warrior by marvelleftw 2000 kiriban by marvelleftw :thumb168586547: :thumb168377578: :thumb167243731:
:thumb167866446: King Protea by elero A Fallen Star by elero Itsy Bitsy Spider by elero
Dont Mess with Koala by elero Isnt she Lovely by elero Beauty by elero
Bird 192 - fluffy parrot by Momotte2stocks In Dreams by anjyil Man and dog by cangelir Arc de Triomphe by cangelir
:thumb168575134: :thumb166930828: :thumb133940009: earthquake oblivious2 by Lou-in-Canada
a turkey vulture's gift by Lou-in-Canada :thumb167635129: :thumb166641262: Blu Peacock by svet-svet
Oriental Tulips by svet-svet Revival by svet-svet
Babies Swallows in nest by Momotte2 A heart for Nataly by Momotte2 Christmas night by Momotte2 I miss my little robin by Momotte2
Peaceful fly of the vulture by Momotte2 :thumb167902591: :thumb167061344: Sensuality by sesam-is-open
A Little Star by sesam-is-open True love never dies by sesam-is-open play blue by Al3Xandraa :thumb168928159:
the path by mafinha zooey deschanel- update by mafinha lonely mornings by mafinha The Doctor by toniart57
Angkor Wat temple by toniart57 Borobudur by toniart57 NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE_GERMANY. by toniart57 Taj Mahal by toniart57
Bird 193 - seagull walking on ice by Momotte2stocks Bird 189 - three crows by Momotte2stocks

Sorry, no masters' works this time, if you want it badly, I can make a selection of some masters' works I admire :D

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 2:02 AM

Hi there!
I got free 9 month subscription with my drawings on drawing day event! :dance:
So I decided to use this opportunity to feature some of my friends' works I like :) I feel so lucky knowing all of you :)
So here it is:

From Marv's :iconmarvelleftw: gallery:
Cosa Nostra by marvelleftw it's the heat by marvelleftw Hydrilla by marvelleftw

From Lena's :iconelero: gallery:
Where I belong by elero Chapel by elero Berries Watercolour by elero

From Sveta's :icongreenmelissa: gallery:
:thumb166409099: :thumb165794224: :thumb159885285:

From Ozgur's :iconozgurdenizistanbul: gallery:
'110' by ozgurdenizistanbul constantinopolis by ozgurdenizistanbul l o v e by ozgurdenizistanbul

From Lauren's :iconlycoris36: gallery:
:thumb165830451: :thumb166559024: :thumb158274957:

From :iconlifeisateenagecircus: gallery:
Honey 4 by lifeisateenagecircus

From Tanya's :icontanyasonatera: gallery:
Evolution... by TanyaSonatera Catch You by TanyaSonatera I see you... by TanyaSonatera

from :iconangelameds: gallery:
james sunderland by angelameds

From :iconanjyil: gallery:
A Beautiful Home by anjyil Pillars of Creation Still Life by anjyil Contemplation of Noctis by anjyil

From Rana's :iconal3xandraa: gallery:
:thumb162250130: :thumb152665005: :thumb151974908:

From Can's :iconcangelir: gallery:
ragman by cangelir backgammon by cangelir :thumb162170311:

From Cagil's :iconpsixaos: gallery:
What's left behind? by psiXaos Vacant by psiXaos birdy by psiXaos

And some from the masters:
Save. Our. Souls. by AquaSixio Silent prayers by AquaSixio Steel Dragon by kerembeyit Forest Girl by kerembeyit CONAN AND VALERIA-color UPDATE by benitogallego VAMPIRE -  The Turning by randis The Throne by andybrase Frozen Frame by ReevolveR In violence of waves. by uvar Frigate 'Liberty' by uvar

That's it for now, I hope you like all these great works :)

Free commissions

Journal Entry: Thu May 13, 2010, 1:41 PM
I decided to do free commissions for my friends here. It might provide a new challenge for me. I thought about entering contests, even entered a couple of them, but it didn't interest me much. Maybe painting something for my friends can help me improve my drawing and painting. So here you go, first 3 of my friends who want a commission will get their wishes done. just look at my gallery and you will see what I can do. It's for free, of course :)
So go ahead, if you wish something to be painted; it can be fanart, a portrait of someone you like, a portrait of yourself, some anime character... I will do that for 3 people :)
Maybe nobody wants, I don't know :)
Anyway, see you!

Friends who want a free commission, in no particular order, I will do whichever I want and whenever I am able:

1. :iconcassies-first-step:  Wanted me to draw her character, progress: sketching
2. :iconmarvelleftw: Wanted a Conan, Yay! Progress: Sketching
3. :icontanyasonatera: Wanted a fanart of a rockstar Progress:Not started yet
4: :icongreenmelissa: Wanted a portrait of her daughter :) Progress: Finished:…
5: :iconizzmarit: wanted a mermaid progress: not started yet
6: :iconlifeisateenagecircus: She will come up with something :)

Art trades:

1: :iconanjyil: I will draw a wise king or commander for her Progress: trying to come up with a better background
2: :iconangelameds: She didn't tell me what she wants yet :)

Wow, that's lots of work! I will try to do them all though, no worries! Thank you for your attention my friends :D

Hi everyone,
I thought it's better if I wrote something about myself here. I became a member here 3 years ago when my cousin was excitedly taking photos. My aim was to watch him, nothing else. However, I didn't do that effectively :) I did not log on for years.

Years ago, when I was a child, I liked drawing Conan. Then I stopped drawing, I was just a child, and I saw that I was drawing good, but there was nobody around to appreciate it. It was important then (maybe it still is :) ) My art teacher in high school said that there was a sculptor in me, so I started carving wood. I just had a kitchen knife, nothing else :) Art materials were seen as a luxury then. I made a horse head and really liked it (it was broken years ago..) I was a good student, and made it to the science high school, and then to the mechanical engineering department.I tried acrylic painting for a while, stopped it when I ran out of materials :)  

Years later, at the age of 30, with a tablet given to me by my precious friend, I am doing what I loved doing when I was a child. I started digital painting back in February 2010 after nearly ten years, and trying to get back my artless years. I still couldn't graduate from university by the way, stuff happened and kept me from school to say the least. This June, I will!

I never wrote something like this before, I don't know what came to me. Maybe I will delete this before someone reads it :)